The company is characterized, from other companies by the following principles:

  1. Experience in the production, processing equipment dates, since more 27 years, and its commitment of quality and performance in their products, through its approach to the policy of continuous development.
  2. Long experience, to provide scientific studies and appropriate solutions to the problems of the cultivation of palm trees and fruiting stages.
  3. Implementation of many huge projects, in the establishment of dates canning factories and machines of derivatives dates.

We guarantee all the gentlemen clients the rights of beneficiaries of our products find flaws represented in the poor manufacturing and not misuse, reflecting the direct damage to the performance of the machines and specifications and production capacity, so that we replace the damaged part of the machine or replace the machine completely if the need arises with new ones free of any defects and usable in accordance with the specifications and contracted, so that this guarantee be valid for a period of two years from the date of delivery.

Yes, the company is doing regular maintenance, every three months, during the warranty period, at own expense, and send technicians within three days from the date of occurrence of an emergency breakdown, if notified by the client, by email to the company’s management in the United States, The company bears complete expenses as long as a valid warranty.

The company offers maintenance program after the warranty period, under the maintenance contract for three years, including nine maintenance operations periodically, every four months, for three days, compared to 25% of machines value, have been sold a price of less than 75,000.00. US Dollars.

Machines costing less than US $ 150,000.00, the amount the company charges a 20% of the value of the machines, while the company will charge the amount of 15% of the value of the machines, valued at less than half a million dollars.

Company will charge 10% of the value of machines worth more than half a million US dollars.

The amounts which the company received allowances from customers after the warranty period, does not include the value of spare parts, just wages and the cost of such maintenance work.

Relies Production Center, on the implementation of engineering designs that sent to him, from the Engineering Department, accordance to the instructions of standard specifications adopted or modified as terms of production capacity, according to the conditions of the contract with the client,

Production center Relies on the quality of metal stainless steel (304) in the formation of all production lines, the metal imported from several factories, European and East Asian committed in the type and quality of the metal standards.

Production Center uses a high-performance motor, made in Turkey’s largest factories, these motors are characterized by superior ability to work non-stop for long periods of time, without being affected by any of the external natural factors or other factors, mechanical or electrical, in addition to those motors (Gear Box) manufacture Turkish.

Production Center uses, digital control panels to control and monitor the work of machines, and from different sources, the European market, Japan, and Taiwan.

Yes, we can be doing in the future, expansion for our products, to increase production capacity to 25%, by low cost, not exceed 5% of the basic value of the machines.


Line washing and sterilization and drying of dates, with production capacity of 300 kg per hour, the basic value of 96,500.00 US dollars (price, may be amended without prior notice), after the amendment to become a production capacity of 375 kg per hour, at a cost of 4,825.00 US dollars.

Although the time period for delivery of machines, may vary, depending on the size of the machines where the production capacity and the number of machines, but usually the delivery period of not less than 30 days and not more than 270 days, from the date of the contract.

The representative of the company’s field visit, to see the problems of farm, write detailed data about farm problems, and send data to the company’s management in the United States, to study those problems and to report appropriate scientific solutions within 24 hours from the date of sending data.

Yes, The Company provides many free services without any charge, as follows:

  1. Work training courses in the field of machine operation, and maintenance and the risk of action.
  2. Provide expertise in the processing of chemical sterilization rooms, in the factory.
  3. Provide expertise, in the storage of raw dates, and canned.
  4. Engineering schemes, non-structural, requirements for the newly established factories, for the manufacture, storage and sterilization dates, and sections of the management and workers and reception.
  5. Providing engineering schemes, for the distribution of electricity, water and sanitation.
  • Fertigation (types and quantity of fertilizer and times of use).
  • Irrigation (better irrigation timely ways).
  • Pollination and germination (identify pollination times, and methods of pollination).
  • Fruiting (providing the best solutions, to the stages of fruit growth).

Yes…. the company will charge fees, 2,000 US Dollars, for a period of not more than four days for any field visit, to see the palm plantations problems, and report appropriate solutions, if necessary, to increase the number of days of the visit, because of the breadth land area, cultivated with palm trees (farms with more than 3,000 palm trees), That the company will get additional funds amounting to  750 US Dollars, for each additional day, provided that the total does not exceed the period of the visit for 7 days. (Fees will include all the expenses of their delegates).

Yes, the company offers free services to solve the problems of palm plantations in accordance with the following cases:

If has been contracted with palm plantations owners to installation new factory, for dates processing, will could all wages return and shall be deducted directly from the value of the contracted machines.

Arab countries produce 80% of the global harvest of dates, an average of 5.7 million tons per year, this production is consumed than 20% and an average of 1.15 tons per year immediately after the harvest, which in stage ” Besser or Ruttab”, while the rest of the amount of the crop are dried and converted to dry dates, which are up to 4.55 million tons per year, this quantities needs to processing and canning operations, and also to convert some of them to other industries, as date paste, dates molasses, sweets, vinegar and ethyl alcohol, and despite the fact that in the Arab region many of the large, medium and small factories, but those factories cover just 40% of the annual production volume, and at a rate of 1.85 million tons per year, and the rest of the quantities that up to 2.7 million tons per year, are prone to poor storage and the incidence of insect pests, which leads to impaired markets dramatically.

The investment in the canning industry and the production dates of derivatives manufacturing industries, with a financial return, good and fast, and through simple comparison between canned dates and raw dates, raw dates, non-canned, usually in price from 500 to 1000 US dollars per ton, while the price of canned dates ranging between 1500 to 4,500 US dollars per ton, note that the production costs, not to exceed 150 US dollars per ton.

Agha Pack Company, initial guidelines provide, in building facilities and supply needed to start the project, as dates processing machines and production of derivatives machines, and provide full data in determining the most popular items for sales, on the basis of dates packed and identify the specific items in the manufacturing industries.