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Industry broad sense, is the change in the form of raw materials to increase the price value.

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Industry definition:

Industry broad sense, is the change in the form of raw materials to increase the price value, and make it more convenient, to human needs and requirements.

Industries Sections

The industries are divided into three main sectors, which are:

The primitive industries:

They are those handicrafts that do not depend on machines or any of the other driving forces, rather they depend on locally available raw materials and acquired manual skill. Man has practiced them since ancient times, and is still practicing them in many parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Among these industries, The industry of canning dates in the old traditional way with a negative return on the economic and agricultural level.

The simple industries:

They are industries that do not transform or change much from the image of the raw material, and the most important characteristic of these industries is that they depend on local raw materials and do not require large capital or advanced skills. These industries aim to serve modern industry, such as canning and preserving dates. In an old, semi-traditional way, in order to market it in local markets with low purchasing power, which directly affects the marketing value and the low financial return of this crop, due to the increase in the amount of crops stacked in stores without marketing, because the local markets do not accommodate the consumption of this surplus of the date crop.

The modern Industries:

These are the industries that rely on large and medium potentials in terms of capital, to be invested in projects with a good return on the marketing and agricultural levels, through the use of modern technology equipment adapted to deal with date crops. In terms of hygiene, sterilization, canning and the establishment of other manufacturing industries. This depends mainly on the date crop, which is rich in its natural ingredients.
Modern industries have contributed to achieving the desired goal, which is marketing the huge surplus of dates in our Arab region to foreign markets with a good financial return, after using modern technology in cleaning, sterilizing and canning dates, and producing their many derivatives. All of this led to a real gain in raising the market value. This is what this crop deserves on the commercial and agricultural level, so that the demand for dates has become more than the supply, while those crops were sold at the lowest prices, and the surplus of them was thrown as fodder for livestock or in the waste or buried under the soil, but now, thanks to modern industries, there is no longer a surplus In the date crop without a good return, it has become of real value and increasing demand locally and abroad, in addition to new industries such as the date industry. Date molasses – date paste – date vinegar – date syrup – medical alcohol … and many other industries.