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  • Maamool Dates Line

    Maamool Dates Line

    An integrated production line for cutting, shaping, baking and packing maamool with dates in different sizes and shapes, to suit consumers’ tastes. The benefit of the maamool lies in the delicious filling of the date paste, which melts when exposed to a certain temperature, and the filling does not come out of the maamool when…

  • Dates Packaging Machines

    Dates Packaging Machines

    Packaging is very important to keep the process dates after washing and sterilization, and our product packaging mechanisms, easy-to-operating with fast production of high quality packaging in addition they are easy to install and maintain. Our packaging machines are available: Horizontal wrapping machine: AP23 Dates vacuum packaging machines: AP34 – AP35 Thermoforming machine: AP37 Dates…

  • Dates Pitter Machines

    Dates Pitter Machines

    Machines dedicated to separate the seeds from the dates, perfect performance a high proportion of separation processes of not less than 100%, use these machines for the manufacture of date paste, these machines do not keep the shape of dates, but cut into pieces during separation processes, we have other custom to separate the seeds machines,…

  • Dates Grinder Machines

    Dates Grinder Machines

    These machines work on grinding and smoothing of dates after removing the seeds and convert them to date paste. We have multiple production capacities: 500 kg per hour. 1000 kg per hour. 1500 kg per hour. 2000 kg per hour. Dates Chopping Machine: Model: AP17   This machine works on the chopping dried dates to different forms and…

  • Dates Sorting Manual Line

    Dates Sorting Manual Line

    Designed sort dates by size, type and proportions of moisture, by monitoring workers, machine made entirely of metal, stainless steel, the line is divided into three paths, two for exit dates unfit for consumption, while moving the good dates to the washing line by middle path.

  • Dates Butter Line

    Dates Butter Line

    Compact group, constitute an integrated unit, for the production of dates butter, rich in sugars and minerals, this food material is too perfect, to give the consumer the full daily needs of energy, and material produced is characterized by ultra-smooth and supple sustained throughout the storage period. The production line consists of the following stages:…

  • Dates Chocolate line

    Dates Chocolate line

    Designed to cover dates with chocolate, made entirely of stainless metal elegant furnishings, is a two units, the first to cover the dates with chocolate and the other to cool the dates after covered with chocolate. Line plate with the main controller board separate additional controllers. Prefer to use dark chocolate little sugar in the production…

  • Washing & Sifting Dates Line

    Washing & Sifting Dates Line

    Devices connected to form a line for sifting and washing Dates, to remove dust and dirt from the dates, washed with water, to restore Dates luster and make it valid suitable for consumption, has been designed line of stainless metal and provided powerful motors and high-quality digital control panel to control all stages of work.

  • Dates Sorting Lines

    Dates Sorting Lines

    Designed this line, to sort of dates in three sizes (large diameter more than 25 mm) (medium with a diameter of more than 17.5 mm) (Small with a diameter of more than 10 mm) This stage is characterized by an accurate, effective and feasible classification of date grains with the feature of using a laser,…

  • Dates Washing Lines

    Dates Washing Lines

    Although opposed views on the use of water, washing in dates, such as fill and save it, but this difference and conflict, start to fade in favor of the need for washing and drying of dates before fill it and save it. The washing Dates operations, restore his luster, which change under layers of dust,…