Hydration dates units

Intended operations of moisturizing dates, is to increase the water content of dates, by water vapor, this process is considered very important, to maintain the quality of dates and prevent it from dehydration, which affects the value of dates, and food ingredients.

The addition of the water content of the dates are within the specified conditions and accurate rates to the rate of moisture, so as not to exceed the percentage of water in the dates components, more than 22%, can increase these percentages in the production of date paste, provided that this increase does not exceed the rates of 24%.

Available units:

  • Model : AP9-Chamber  (Capacity available: begin 1 to 5 tons per hour.)
  • Model : AP9-150   (Capacity: 150 kg per hour.)
  • Model : AP9-500  (Capacity: 500 kg per hour.)

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